UTM Parameters Explained: A Complete Guide for Tracking Your URLs & Traffic

UTM Parameters Explained: A Complete Guide for Tracking Your URLs & Traffic

UTM parameters can be extremely beneficial for tracking the success of your campaigns. Learn about them and their abilities in this guide.

How to Create and Track UTM Links for Your Campaign

Learn how to create UTM links using Campaign URL builder and track them in your Google Analytics.

What is the use of UTM links?

It helps you create and promote multiple links for the same landing page. So, you can track the performance of each of those links and understand where your traffic is coming from.

UTM tracking helps you with data such as how much traffic you are receiving from various social media platforms, ad campaigns, and more.

To track the website traffic coming from these UTM links, you need Google Analytics connected to your website. If you haven’t yet, watch this video on how to connect it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBesc43ZJ_M

Learn how to create UTM links using Campaign URL builder and track them in your Google Analytics.

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Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics – Using UTM Parameters (Part 1 of 2)

This is the first of a 2 part video series about campaign tracking in Google Analytics. Campaign traffic is traffic we can see in Google Analytics that has come from a link with UTM parameters appended. This first video explains how UTM work, recommends a browser extension for easy UTM management, and reviews where to see the resulting Campaign traffic data in Universal Analytics.

For the second video in the series exclusively about working with campaign reporting in GA4, please watch here: https://youtu.be/wcvg_HciQs0

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UTM parameters in Google Analytics 4 || GA4 campaign tracking with UTMs

Tag your campaigns with UTM parameters and see that data in Google Analytics 4.

In this video, you will learn what UTM parameters are, how to get them, and where to find UTM parameters in Google Analytics 4. This includes both standard and custom reports (explorations)

UTM parameters in Google Analytics 4 are available as the following dimensions:
* Source, First user source, Session source
* Medium, First user medium, Session medium
* Campaign, First user campaign, Session campaign
* Manual term, Session manual term, First user manual term
* Manual ad content, Session manual ad content, First user manual ad content
* Source platform, Session source platform, First user source platform
* Creative format, Session creative format, First user creative format
* Marketing tactic, Session marketing tactic, First user marketing tactic
* Campaign ID, Session campaign ID, First user campaign ID

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⭐⭐ Google Analytics 4 course ⭐⭐
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https://www.analyticsmania.com/p/getting-started-with-google-analytics-4/?utm_medium=video &utm_source=youtube.com &utm_campaign=am%20yt%20-%20utm%20parameters%20ga4%202022

✭ Documentation: Traffic-source dimensions, manual tagging, and auto-tagging

✭ Campaign URL builder

✭ Video tutorial: Acquisition reports in Google Analytics 4


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UTM Parameter Tracking Fundamentals and Best Practices

UTM Parameters help marketers track performance from their campaigns in a single, third party platform. They’re not too complicated, but they can get messy if you’re not careful. In this video, we’ll walk you through some fundamentals and best practices to keep in mind while setting them up.

1:04 – UTM Parameter Tracking Fundamentals
1:33 – Example Landing Page URL with Tracking and Formatting
2:43 – Structure of UTM Parameters
3:33 – Applying UTM Parameters in Google Ads and Facebook Ads Platforms
4:46 – Example of Google Analytics Source/Medium Report
5:18 – What are the Five UTM Parameters?
6:03 – UTM Source Rundown
7:30 – UTM Medium Overview
8:42 – UTM Campaign Naming Considerations
9:40 – UTM Term Functionality
10:43 – UTM Content Options
11:35 – Best Practices and Considerations for UTM Parameter Tracking
11:48 – Importance of Consistency with UTM Tracking
13:59 – Formatting & Capitalization Considerations for UTM Reporting
14:57 – Consider Using Dynamic UTM Tracking Where Possible

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