Travel SEO: How to Compete with Big Brands on a Budget

Travel SEO: How to Compete with Big Brands on a Budget

In travel SEO, size isn’t everything. Here are seven ways to use being small to your advantage, compete with big brands, and come out on top.

How Can Small Businesses/Websites Compete with Big Players in SEO? – Whiteboard Friday

It may seem like an impossible uphill battle to compete with big sites in the SERPs, but there are benefits to running a smaller site that can make a tremendous difference to your SEO. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains how small businesses and websites can target opportunities the big sites can’t, in spite of their natural advantages.

Tourism Training Live: SEO Strategies and Best Practices for Travel Brands

SEO for Travel Marketing: Get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your side to optimize your travel website, increase brand awareness, and improve customer engagement!

This Tourism Training Live (#TourismTL) session is for travel and tourism industry professionals interested in making SEO a meaningful part of content marketing efforts, and shares practical steps and techniques that you can implement to make SEO a key part of marketing success for your tourism business.

Presenter: Ferdinand Weps, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, TrainingAid (

*This Tourism Training Live event was recorded on January 26th, 2015.

SEO For Tourism: How To Outrank The Competition & Get Found

Vacation dreams are closer to becoming a reality, and consumers are already making moves to plan their next, long-awaited trips.

Whether they’re booking tickets or shopping for suitcases, the first stop on their travel agenda is Google.

So, how do you ensure that your business is the one they’re seeing first?

Rachel Vandernick, Lead Consultant & Founder of The Vander Group, joined me on the SEJ Show to give you insights on positioning your brand to attract users from all angles and at every stage of the planning and traveling experience.

Discover how to make your business visible and take advantage of hospitality and tourism re-emerging out of a post-covid world.

This is the time to think about how you reimagine the customer experience.–Rachel Vandernick,13:19

That person might not be ready to book today, but they’re interested enough to stay connected with your brand.–Rachel Vandernick, 24:57

Very little of travel is in the click-buy or the click-book, and if you are only trying to generate content and improve rankings when you’re expecting people to book, you have missed an entire season of planning.–Rachel Vandernick, 19:23

00:00 – A little introduction on Rachel.
05:41 – Changes Rachel has observed in the travel search environment.
08:58 – Tips & techniques to a better market for local travelers.
15:55 – Ways to rank based on content.
20:31 – How difficult is it for travel & tourism companies to correctly attribute organic search?
30:01 – Tips for a yacht broker charter company.
36:48 – How important is it to get links from travel blogs or local guides?
39:24 – What are the differences in strategies between regular travel & luxury travel?
42:34 – Suggestions for small fledgling travel companies.
46:11 – A question on no-indexing individual tours for different sets of keywords.
53:18 – Experiences Rachel had on putting together topic clusters.

For more on SEO for Tourism, check out Rachel’s article that inspired this podcast:

Resources mentioned:

If you’re writing content to sell your business just from a search perspective, I think you’re missing the point of SEO.–Rachel Vandernick, 36:37

You want your consumer to have a good time. So make your content work hard for you, to nurture the customer experience, and to help lead them down the path to purchase.–Rachel Vandernick, 35:22

Whether you’re a local restaurant, maybe a privately owned hotel, there’s so much you can do to kind of get that jump on what the more significant corporate sites may be doing because you know what’s going on in your neighborhood.–Loren Baker, 57:18

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Rachel Vandernick is a growth marketing expert with ten years of experience in SEO, paid search, and influencer marketing.

She has deep experience in ecommerce marketing within the beauty, lifestyle, and travel spaces. Rachel is also a writer for Search Engine Journal and has spoken at paid search conferences worldwide.

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How to research your competitors, perform a SEO site audit, and conduct SEO on a budget

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Tristam Jarman (Co-Founder at Purple Smudge) has 10+ years’ experience in digital marketing. He shares tips and tricks for SEO on a budget in this video. You’ll learn how to research competitors, perform a technical SEO site audit, and fill in the gaps in SEO.

00:00 How to research your competitors. Tristam Jarman at the TPAS2020
02:00 Know limits for your business
04:18 Knowledge base
08:47 Identify your strenghts
10:16 How to use pre-existing relationships to your advantage
13:16 How to fill the gaps: Tools
22:20 Learn from competitors
26:50 Fix SEO problems
30:00 SemRush site audit
32:55 Fix problems with Google SearchConsole
34:08 Create a user-friendly website
36:07 HotJar tool
38:05 Mobile-Friendly Test
40:13 Content
43:30 Improve pagespeed with minimal effort
46:42 Keywords. Focus on local SEO
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